Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

I dodged cars at the intersection of West Kinzie Street and State Street, trying to get the exact angle that was featured on one of my favorite Wilco albums, the pivotal 2002 “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” only to finally realize that the designer must have flopped the image. And if that isn’t cool enough – this building was featured in the opening sequence of “The Bob Newhart Show.”


The Bob Newhart Show – Opening Theme (Home To Emily) (1972) from Marc Moyer on Vimeo.

Designed in 1959 by architect Bertrand Goldberg, a student of Mies van der Rohe, and completed in 1964 at a cost of $36 million. They were financed by the union of building janitors and elevator operators, who sought to reverse the pattern of white flight from the city’s downtown area.

Marina City apartments are contain almost no interior right angles. On each residential floor, a circular hallway surrounds the elevator core, with 16 pie-shaped apartment wedges arrayed around the hallway. Bathrooms and kitchens are located nearer to the point of each wedge, towards the inside of the building. Living areas occupy the outermost areas of each wedge. Every living room and bedroom in Marina City has a balcony.

(Technically, it isn’t on Route 66, but close enough that it is worth the photo stop.)

Marina City Towers

300 North State Street
Chicago, IL
(312) 222-1111
41.887986, -87.628761

Marina City Towers