Wandering wind-whipped Wyoming …and wienies…

The trick to a great road trip lies in stopping for the sights on the way home as well. Sure, I could breeze along the interstates and be home in 2 medium-drive days (9 hrs each) or lolligag along the back roads as well and be home in 3. I pick plan B.

Dip Bar – Medicine Bow, WY

Within The Dip you will discover a fine collection of intricate woodcarvings and the only hand-painted dance floor west of the Mississippi. But the most striking feature here is abar made of solid jade! This 40-foot long bar was carved from a single four-and-a-half ton jade boulder that was discovered in nearby Lander, and is the largest jade bar in the world. (http://www.wyomingcarboncounty.com/townpages/medicinbow/index.htm)


The Fossil Cabin – Medicine Bow, WY

Como Bluff was for years the site of one of the world’s largest dinosaur digs. Thomas Boylan and his enterprising family who owned the land down the hill realized they, too, could pull up some spectacular artifacts of their own. And then?  Build a cabin from them, of course!  And inside, display some of the fossils being unearthed… and charge people for the pleasure!  Ripley’s cleverly called it “The Oldest House In the World,” and who are we to argue?

Today, the house has been sold to the Fultz family, and is no longer open. It still makes for a good photo op, however.

Wienies and Things – Rock River, WY

And if there is a better argument as to driving the backroads – I can’t think of one…