Tom Haney and Paula Joerling ride out the Atlanta tornado

Philips sign, originally uploaded by tomcathead.
(downtown Atlanta, not far from their home)

I just heard from artists Tom Haney and Paula Joerling, who live in Downtown Atlanta. Luckily, they are fine, but downtown isn’t doing so well.

“Paula and I weathered our first urban tornado last night. We are fine. We lost 2 panes of glass in our front windows and 4 windows in our van but that’s about it. Pretty scary though- “where’s that freight train coming from?”

More photos of their neighborhood

Tom Haney | 1962- | Atlanta, GA
Mechanical Sculptures

(a piece of mechanical sculpture by Tom from 2005)

home page

Downtown Atlanta sculptor Tom Haney, maker of one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted automata, kinetic art, mechanical sculpture and other works of modern folk art.

He began carving through the encouragement of Georgia folk-artist Leroy Almon, Sr. Later, Kentucky carvers Minnie and Garland Adkins and Jim Lewis provided invaluable insight, as well as the more mundane, but necessary, boost of allowing him to steal chunks of wood from their scrap piles.

(Extensive damage also disrupted the basketball tournament, at the above arena.)

(a piece I commissioned from Tom a few years ago)