Tom and Melissa D's grand art in Grand Rapids, MI

It started out sunny and nice, then turned to a cold rain, then back to sunny and nice. �Ahhh, springtime in the midwest. �After a rainy start at a small lakeside church for a soggy photo op, we headed to Grand Rapids, MI to meet Tom D and his wife and collaborator, Melissa. �(and learned that Duimstra is pronounced DIME-stra, like the coin)

“Tom D” Duimstra, Buying legal Nolvadex online in Australia painter �Melissa Arpin Duimstra, painter
Tom 1951-
Grand Rapids, MI
Tom first started showing is self-taught paintings in the 1980’s along side Howard Finster, Mose Tolliver and other outsider art greats. �A high school graduate, he never had formal training in art, although he is one of the best read artists in this field that I have ever met. (Their library of books on outsider, folk and visionary art is to be coveted)
Their styles are ever-changing and intertwining, from semi-erotic photo collages (think Bettye Page) and drawings to metal quilt-like collages, to stencil cut outs, the art never gets stuck in one place. �

(Tom being interviewed in the studio aka basement)

The day also included a stop in Nunica to see a yard exhibit of a StoneHenge replica.

Downtown Grand Rapids signage

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