The road home…asphalt therapy success

There is really nothing like a road trip to clear your head.  I left home a week ago – full of dilemmas, conflicts and decisions to be made…and accepted. I headed to an event where I was a newbie – and oldster (that is strange)

During that time, I learned more, met more, laughed more and remembered that I can hold my own in most any situation. (An additional purpose of the trip was to test the redesign/code updates to Best Road Trip Ever!!/id374940747?mt=8)

Plus there were the photo ops. Oh, the places we saw. The app served as clues to a scavenger hunt to the offbeat and cool. (look for the updates in the next week or 2)

Anthony Bourdain was filming here when I took this shot (the guy on the right was being interviewed at the time…in the way of the shot I wanted …ha) I was oblivious… Cam called later to tell me. Damn.

In Waco, TX – Health Camp has terrific burgers (with some kind of secret sauce) and an even beter vibe.