The Old Trapper’s Lodge at Pierce College

The Old Trapper’s Lodge – John Ehn

6201 Winnetka Avenue
Woodland Hills, CA
Sculpture environment

John Ehn opened a motel in California in 1941, moving there from Michigan, where he had worked as a trapper. He hired a sculptor to make a huge statue of a trapper to publicize the Old Trapper’s Lodge, and seeing the sculptor at work proved training enough.

From the mid-Fifties, Ehn transformed his front yard into a history of the old West, with sculpted cowboys, cowgirls, gunslingers and Indians, and a Boot Hill graveyard. The motel office was filled with western memorabilia, weaponry and pelts. The face of the building was covered with tools, and a low wall was decorated with rocks and cement faces.

After John Ehn’s death, the family was forced to sell the property to make way for airport expansion. However, the main sculptures, along with Ehn’s many signs and painted tombstones were rescued by the SPACES organization and relocated to the grounds of the Los Angeles Pierce college.

You will find Old Trapper’s Lodge at Pierce College, behind the agriculture science building.

(Excerpted text and photos from © “Fantasy Worlds” by Deidi Von Schaewen and John Maizels, all rights reserved)

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