The Leaning Water Tower of Britten

Britten Water Tower

I-40 exit 114
Groom, TX

Water tower, Signage, Inspiration for “Cars” site

The town boasts the famous “Leaning Tower of Britten,” deliberately constructed to lean to one side to catch the tourist’s eye and get them to stop in Groom.

The leaning water tower was inspiration for the gang at Pixar when creating “Cars”. (Casa Della Leaning House of Tires – although some think it was the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Niles, IL).�To read more about sites that inspired “Cars” be sure to read Ron Warnick’s blog – Route 66 News

A designated Hampton basic muscle gain exercises “Save A Landmark” site.

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Leaning Water Tower in Groom Leaning Water Tower in Groom