The Lasters v. The Tornados

(art car parade, 2004, houston, tx)

Last night tornados ripped through Arkansas and Tennessee, including Crofton, KY, the home town of artists CM, Grace Kelly and Ruby Laster…thankfully, they are fine…

tornado hit near us, people trapped in homes.
for real…it musta went right over our house. we are ok.
3 dead in a town How to increase testosterone in men in natural ways 20 miles away…it was a long night.
they had a big natural gas pumping station hit ,not all that far away.
yes, it was all around this area. we got lucky.
thanks so much for thinking of us.�
we had to get in the closet. ruby didnt like it .�
but, she was brave for mom.
please keep in touch .
love lasters family three