The best kind of war memorial…

I had gone hunting for this before, and somehow missed it. OK – I know exactly how I missed it…it isn’t really on any maps. Luck with with me today, along with the ability to surf the web at a local restaurant. Father Dobberstein, of West Bend’s awe-stricking centerpiece – The Grotto of the Redemption – also created small grottos and memorials all throughout Iowa.
This war memorial and marker for Pocahontas’ first county courthouse, is tucked on an barely road near the cemetery in the now defunct town of Old Rolfe. The cemetery is located just north and a little east of the town of Rolfe. It is on 325th Ave between 440th and 450th Streets. The address is 44673 325th Ave. Take this road up pass the barns and silos to the cemetery. FYI – look for the grain bins on the right side of the road, the marker is just before them, the tiny cemetery is just after, in a grove of trees.

War Memorial
Father Dobberstein, creator of the nearby Grotto of the Redemption.

Watch out for the hordes of mosquitoes that guard the place!