In the St. Nick of Time!

The regional versions of Best Road Trip buy cheap tadalafil in uk what will the innovative Ever has hit the iTunes store! �Distract your-elves on the way to Gramma’s house (sorry, had to…)

�Best Road Trip – Midwest�

Join the open road through America�s breadbasket. From the Land of Oz to the Land of Lakes, the Midwest offers more folk art environments than any other region. Great pies! A good chunk of Route 66!

�Best Road Trip – South�

Travel through the hot and steamy region where all of the states end in vowels (except one)�Looking for castles? Got �em. Meat and 3�s?� Check. Self-taught art? The area is packed.

�Best Road Trip – West�

Wander through some of the most and least populated states in the country, (and one that you can�t reach by car from the mainland).

�Best Road Trip – Northeast�

Nosh your way along the highways and byways along the eastern seaboard. Here you will find more classic dining cars than anywhere else, along with tons of �world�s largest� things.

�Best Road Trip – Southwest�

Drive the long, dusty stretch of Route 66, through the Grand Canyon and a wild range of topographic changes. Or visit Texas and find all of those great BBQ joints that they are always raving about.