See 6 States!

And away we go…6 states in 6 days. Today, Kansas and Colorado, then Utah, Idaho, Wyoming & Nebraska!

Taking I-70 across Kansas to some is boring – but I have to disagree. You have the Garden of Eden, a beautiful cemetery with forged iron crosses, and a giant prairie dog.

Prairie Dog Town – Oakley, KS

You can’t help but to see the hand painted signs all along I-70 touting the “World’s Largest Prairie Dog” with the 5-legged cows in the petting zoo.

Huckster Larry Farmer greets you from behind the counter with his rattlesnake imprinted t-shirt.(He gave a XXXL one to Al Roker…when he was a XXXL…just to get on TV.) After you pony up your $7.95, you enter into the true prairie dog town – a dirt field pocked with prairie dog holes and food-friendly prairie dogs.

All being watched over by the GIANT concrete prairie dog in back.  And then there are all all of the cages with sad animals (to me they looked sad) with weather beaten signs that did provide for some great photo ops.

Wonder Tower – Genoa, CO

Next stop, next state, is an old-school attraction – The Wonder Tower. See six states! Built in 1926, the Tower sat right on US 24 and there was no such thing as I-70.  Business was brisk for the restaurant, roadhouse and amusement area this old-school roadside attraction had to offer. Hey, you could see six states (or so it says) from the top!  Actually, you might be able to “see” 2 states, and perhaps you can see the air over 4 others…if you are brave enough to dare climb the tower. Looks to me that it has seen better days. Be sure to check out the “people” in the tower – freaky.

These days, the traffic count has diminished dramatically, but Jerry the proprietor relishes every one who stops, complete with a game of “name these ten obscure objects and you get in free” (including a walrus penis.) Sadly, we missed Jerry, as it was closed for the day (or so I think) when we pulled in.