Route 66 Trip Planner

Route 66 Trip Planner

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No worries, here is a basic route planner, sectioned out by 100 mile increments.





Chicago, IL to the outskirts of Pontiac, IL

Illinois 66! 1933 start of Route 66 Chicago IL
Buckingham Fountain Chicago IL
Santa Fe Building Chicago IL
The Berghoff Restaurant Chicago IL
Chicago Union Station Chicago IL
Lou Mitchell’s Restaurant Chicago IL
Castle Car Wash Chicago IL
Robin Hood Muffler Shop Cicero IL
Route 66 Welcome Sign Berwyn IL
White Castle Restaurant Berwyn IL
Snuffy’s Grill McCook IL
Wishing Well Motel Countryside IL
Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket Willowbrook IL
White Fence Farm Restaurant Romeoville IL
Rich and Creamy on Broadway Joliet IL
Ruby Street Draw Bridge Joliet IL
Olde Keg Joliet IL
Crossroads of America Joliet IL
Rialto Square Theatre Joliet IL
Joliet Union Station Joliet IL
Mar Theatre Wilmington IL
1939 Gas Station Braidwood IL
Polk-A-Dot Drive In Braidwood IL
Old Depot and Art Deco Station Braceville IL
Ambler-Becker Texaco Gas Station Dwight IL
Odell Station Odell IL
Meramec Caverns Barn Ad 44/66 Cayuga IL

Pontiac, IL to the outskirts of Springfield, IL

Old Log Cabin Restaurant Pontiac IL
North Creek Bridge Pontiac IL
Memory Lane Lexington IL
Vintage Lexington Sign Lexington IL
Deadman’s Curve Towanda IL
Memory Lane (aka Geographic Journey) Towanda IL
Sprague Super Service Station Normal IL
First Steak ‘n Shake Normal IL
Lucca Grill Bloomington IL
Cotton’s Village Inn Bloomington IL
Funks Grove Pure Maple Sirup Funks Grove IL
Dixie Travel Plaza McLean IL
Atlanta Country Market (Hamblins Suprette) Atlanta IL
Palm Grill Cafe Atlanta IL
Tropics Family Steakhouse Lincoln IL
The Mill Lincoln IL
Pig Hip Marker Broadwell IL
Frank’s Route 66 (Die Cast Auto Sales) Williamsville IL
Carpenter Park Route 66 Pavement Sherman IL

Springfield, IL to the outskirts of St. Louis, MO –
OR – Springfield, IL to Staunton, IL

Lazy A Motel Springfield IL
Shea’s Museum Springfield IL
Mel-O-Cream Donuts Springfield IL
Maid-Rite Springfield IL
Sonrise Donuts Springfield IL
Cozy Dog Drive In Springfield IL
Sugar Creek Covered Bridge Glenham IL
Auburn Brick Road Auburn IL
Turkey Tracks in Pavement Nilwood IL
Henry’s Ra66it Ranch Staunton IL
Old Motels in Raymond Raymond IL
Ariston Cafe Litchfield IL
Soulsby’s Shell Station Mt Olive IL
Coliseum Ballroom Antiques Benld IL
Blue Neon Cross Worden IL
Meramec Caverns Barn Ad Hamel IL
Weezy’s Hamel IL
Bel Air Drive In Mitchell IL
Hen House Restaurant Mitchell IL
Luna Cafe Mitchell IL
Chain of Rocks Bridge Pontoon Beach IL

St. Louis, MO to the outskirts of Rolla, MO

Old Route 66 Chain Of Rocks Bridge St Louis MO
Gateway Arch & Old Courthouse St Louis MO
Eat Rite Diner St Louis MO
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard St Louis MO
Crestwood Bowl Crestwood MO
Spencer’s Grill (aka Kirkwood Grill) Kirkwood MO
Red Cedar Inn Pacific MO
Beacon Motel Sign Pacific MO
Jensen Point Scenic Overview Pacific MO
Gardenway Motel Sign Gray Summit MO
The Diamonds Restaurant Gray Summit MO
Gardenway Motel Villa Ridge MO
Sunset Motel Villa Ridge MO
Ritter Motor Company St Clair MO
St. Clair Motel St Clair MO
Meramec Caverns Sullivan MO
Shamrock Court Sullivan MO
Circle Inn Malt Shop Bourbon MO
Wagon Wheel Motel Cuba MO
Old Gas Station and Mural Cuba MO
Neon Bucking Bronco Sign Cuba MO
Route 66 Murals Cuba MO
Route 66 Murals Cuba MO

Rolla, MO to the outskirts of Springfield, MO

Phelps County Bank Rolla MO
Totem Pole Trading Post Rolla MO
Vernelle’s Motel Newburg MO
John’s Modern Cabins Doolittle MO
Hooker Cut Bridge Arlington MO
Elbow Inn Bar and BBQ Pit Devils Elbow MO
Devils Elbow Bridge Devils Elbow MO
Frog Rock Waynesville MO
Gascozark Gas Station (relics) Hazelgreen MO
Munger Moss Motel Lebanon MO
Wrinks Food Market Lebanon MO
Bell Restaurant Lebanon MO
Meramec Caverns Barn Ad Phillipsburg MO
Abbylee Modern Court Niangua MO

Springfield, MO to the outskirts of Baxter Springs, KS

Rest Haven Court Springfield MO
Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven Springfield MO
Steak and Shake Springfield MO
Shrine Mosque Springfield MO
Melinda Court Springfield MO
Whitehall Mercantile Halltown MO
Phillips 66 Garage Spencer MO
Boots Court Motel Carthage MO
Jasper County Courthouse Carthage MO
66 Drive-In Theatre Carthage MO
Route 66 Center Webb City MO
Dale’s Barber Shop Joplin MO
Historic Fox Theater Joplin MO
Hogs and Hot Rods (State Line Bar) Joplin MO

Baxter Springs, KS to the outskirts of Tulsa, OK

4 Women On the Route – Tow Mater Galena KS
Eisler Brothers Old Riverton Store Riverton KS
Rainbow Arch Bridge Baxter Springs KS
Burl Chubb’s Phillips 66 (Visitors Center) Baxter Springs KS
Cafe on the Route Baxter Springs KS
Dallas’ Dairyette Quapaw OK
Spook Light Quapaw OK
Star Cash Grocery Commerce OK
Allen’s Fillin’ Station Commerce OK
Dairy King Commerce OK
Waylan’s KuKu Burger Miami OK
Coleman Theater Miami OK
Horse Creek Bridge Afton OK
Rest Haven Motel Afton OK
Aftons Eagle (DX) Service Station Afton OK
Avon Motel Afton OK
Sidewalk Highway Afton OK
Deadman’s Corner Afton OK
Clanton’s Cafe Vinita OK
Country Court White Oak OK
Chelsea Motel Chelsea OK
Top Hat Dairy Bar Foyil OK
1928 Route 66 Footrace Marker Foyil OK
Historic Will Rogers Hotel Claremore OK
Twin Bridges Catoosa OK
Former site of Mojo’s Bar-B-Que Catoosa OK

Tulsa, OK to the outskirts of Oklahoma City, OK

Oasis Motel Tulsa OK
Admiral Twin Drive-In Tulsa OK
Rose Bowl Events Center Tulsa OK
Desert Hills Motel Tulsa OK
Tally’s Good Food Cafe Tulsa OK
Meadow Gold Sign Tulsa OK
Lyon’s Indian Store Tulsa OK
Warehouse Market Building Tulsa OK
Boston Avenue Church Tulsa OK
Blue Dome Tulsa OK
Blue Dome Diner Tulsa OK
New Atlas Grill Tulsa OK
Cain’s Ballroom Tulsa OK
Cyrus Stephens Avery Bridge Tulsa OK
Frankoma Pottery Sapulpa OK
Happy Burger Sapulpa OK
Rock Creek Bridge Sapulpa OK
Tank Farm Alignment Kellyville OK
66 Shoe Tree Stroud OK
Rock Cafe Stroud OK
Ozark Trail Obelisk Stroud OK
Route 66 Interpretive Center Chandler OK
Lincoln Motel Chandler OK
McJerry’s Route 66 Gallery Chandler OK
Chandler Phillips 66 Filling Station Chandler OK
Meramec Caverns Garage Ad Chandler OK
Seaba’s Station Motorcycle Museum Warwick OK
Pioneer Camp Tavern and BBQ Wellston OK
Rock of Ages Conoco Station Arcadia OK
OK County 66 – John Hargrove’s Place Arcadia OK
The Arcadia Roadbed Arcadia OK
Hillbillee’s Cafe Arcadia OK
Big Round Barn Arcadia OK
Pop’s Route 66 Arcadia OK

Oklahoma City, OK to the outskirts of Clinton, OK

Sixty-Six Bowl Oklahoma City OK
Cattlemen’s Steak House Oklahoma City OK
Ann’s Chicken Fry House and Gift Shop Oklahoma City OK
Fat Elvis Diner (formerly Sid’s Diner) Yukon OK
Yukon’s Best Flour Yukon OK
Johnnie’s Grill El Reno OK
Rock Island Pony Bridge (Grapes of Wrath) Geary OK
Lucille Hamon’s Route 66 Gas Station Hydro OK
66 West Twin Drive-In Weatherford OK

Clinton, OK to the outskirts of Shamrock, TX

Glancy Motel Clinton OK
McLain Rogers Park and Miniature Golf Clinton OK
Trade Winds Motel (Elvis Suite) Clinton OK
Cherokee Trading Post and Restaurant Clinton OK
Cotton Boll Canute OK
Canute Service Station (Kupka’s) Canute OK
National Route 66 Museum and Giant Kachina Elk City OK
Grapes of Wrath Courthouse Sayre OK
Pedestrian Tunnel Sayre OK
Sandhills Curio Shop Erick OK
Will Rogers Highway marker Texola OK

Shamrock, TX to the outskirts of Amarillo, TX

Whiting Bros. Station Shamrock TX
Restored Magnolia Station Shamrock TX
U-Drop-Inn and Tower Station Shamrock TX
Rattlesnake Sign Lela TX
Devil’s Rope Museum McLean TX
Avalon Theatre McLean TX
First Phillips 66 Service Station in Texas McLean TX
Texaco 66 Alanreed TX
Route 66 Safety Rest Area Jericho TX
Britten Water Tower Groom TX
VW Beetle Bug Ranch Conway TX

Amarillo, TX to the outskirts of Tucumcari, NM

Triangle Motel Amarillo TX
Big Texan Restaurant Amarillo TX
Vega Courthouse Vega TX
Cadillac Ranch Amarillo TX
Roadrunner Drive-In Vega TX
Magnolia Service Station Vega TX
Roark Hardware Vega TX
Dot Leavitt’s Mini Museum Vega TX
Bent Door Midway Station Adrian TX
Mid Point Cafe Adrian TX
First Last Motel in Texas Sign Glenrio TX

Tucumcari, NM to the outskirts of Santa Rosa, NM

Tee Pee Curios Tucumcari NM
Blue Swallow Motel Tucumcari NM
La Cita Restaurant Tucumcari NM
Tucumcari Mountain Tucumcari NM

Santa Rosa, NM to the outskirts of Albuquerque, NM

Joseph’s Cantina Santa Rosa NM
Blue Hole Santa Rosa NM
Bobcat Bite Santa Fe NM
San Miguel Mission Santa Fe NM
Pink Adobe Santa Fe NM
The Oldest House in Santa Fe Santa Fe NM
La Bajada Hill Santa Fe NM
Whiting Bros. Gas Station Moriarty NM

Albuquerque, NM to the outskirts of Grants, NM

Bow & Arrow Lodge Albuquerque NM
Route 66 Albuquerque NM
Tewa Motor Lodge Albuquerque NM
Aztec Motel – Phyllis Evans Albuquerque NM
Jones Motor Company Albuquerque NM
Route 66 Diner Albuquerque NM
Standard Diner Albuquerque NM
Kimo Theatre Albuquerque NM
Lindy’s Coffee Shop Albuquerque NM
Skip Maisel’s Indian Jewelry Albuquerque NM
El Vado Motel Albuquerque NM
Deadman’s Curve Mesita NM
Budville Trading Co Budville NM
Villa De Cubero Cubero NM

Grants, NM to the outskirts of Gallup, NM

Route 66 Billboard Grants NM
Grants Cafe Grants NM
Continental Divide Indian Market Continental Divide NM

Gallup, NM to the outskirts of Winslow, AZ

El Rancho Hotel and Motel Gallup NM
Here We are On Route 66 Sign Gallup NM
Yellowhorse Trading Post Lupton AZ
Double Tunnel Lupton AZ
Chee’s Indian Store Sanders AZ
Old Querino Canyon Trading Post-Route 66 Houck AZ
R. B. Burham Trading Post Sanders AZ
Painted Desert Trading Post Navajo AZ
Painted Desert Inn Puerco AZ
Pow Wow Trading Post Holbrook AZ
Joe & Aggie’s Cafe Holbrook AZ
Rainbow Rock Shop Holbrook AZ
Wigwam Village Motel #6 Holbrook AZ
Geronimo Trading Post Joseph City AZ
Ella’s Frontier Joseph City AZ
Jack Rabbit Trading Post Joseph City AZ

Winslow, AZ to the outskirts of Williams, AZ

Minnetonka Trading Post Winslow AZ
La Posada Hotel Winslow AZ
Take it Easy Corner Winslow AZ
Leupp Corner Trading Post Leupp Corner AZ
Meteor City Trading Post Meteor City AZ
Former Meteor Crater Observatory Winslow AZ
Meteor Crater Meteor City AZ
Two Guns and Canyon Diablo Two Guns AZ
Twin Arrows Trading Post Twin Arrows AZ
Walnut Creek Bridge (Forest Gump) Winona AZ
The Museum Club Flagstaff AZ
Miz Zip’s Flagstaff AZ
Monte Vista Hotel Flagstaff AZ
49 Hill – Highest Point on Old Route 66 Bellemont AZ
Parks in the Pines General Store Parks AZ

Williams, AZ to the outskirts of Hackberry, AZ

Rod’s Steak House Williams AZ
Cruisers Cafe 66 Williams AZ
Turquoise Tepee Williams AZ
SIDE TRIP Grand Canyon
Desoto’s Beauty & Barber Shop Ash Fork AZ
Roadkill Cafe and OK Saloon Seligman AZ
Westside Lilo’s Cafe Seligman AZ
Delgadillo’s Snow Cap Drive-In Seligman AZ
Black Cat Bar Seligman AZ
Rusty Bolt Seligman AZ
Copper Cart Restaurant Seligman AZ
Delgadillo’s Barber Shop and Gift Shop Seligman AZ
The Hualapai Lodge Peach Springs AZ
Grand Canyon Caverns Peach Springs AZ
Truxton Station Truxton AZ
Frontier Motel & Cafe Truxton AZ
Bert’s Country Dancing Valentine AZ

Hackberry, AZ to the outskirts of Needles, CA

Hackberry General Store Hackberry AZ
Quality Inn Kingman Kingman AZ
Beale Hotel Kingman AZ
Mr D’z Route 66 Diner Kingman AZ
Powerhouse Kingman AZ
Thimble Mountain McConnell AZ
Cool Springs Cabins Kingman AZ
Ed’s Camp and Kactus Kafe Ed’s Camp AZ
Shaffer’s Fishbowl Spring Ed’s Camp AZ
Sitgreaves Pass Sitgreaves Pass AZ
Crazy Hairpin Curves Oatman AZ
Oatman, AZ – A Living Ghost Town Oatman AZ
Oatman Hotel Oatman AZ
Old Trails Arch Bridge (Grapes of Wrath) Toprock AZ

Needles, CA to the outskirts of Amboy, CA

Needles Needles CA
Needles Welcome Wagon Needles CA
El Garces Hotel Needles CA
Goff’s Schoolhouse and General Store Goffs CA
Old Route 66 Marker Chambless CA

Amboy, CA to the outskirts of Barstow, CA

Route 66 Exhibit in the Mojave Desert Mohave Desert CA
Shoe Tree on Route 66 Amboy CA
Roy’s Motel and Cafe Amboy CA
Bagdad Cafe (movie location) Newberry Springs CA
Desert Market Daggett CA
Daggett Stone Hotel Daggett CA

Barstow, CA to the outskirts of Claremont, CA

Tom’s Certified Welding & Machine Shop Barstow CA
Bottle Cactus Ranch – Elmer Long Helendale CA
Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Cafe Victorville CA
Cajon Pass – The Blue Cut Cajon Pass CA
Mitla Cafe San Bernardino CA
La Plaza Park San Bernardino CA
Santa Fe Smokestack San Bernardino CA
Wigwam Village Motel #7 Rialto CA
Bono’s Giant Orange Stand Fontana CA
Cucamonga Gas Station Rancho Cucamonga CA
The 1848 Sycamore Inn Rancho Cucamonga CA
Magic Lamp Inn Rancho Cucamonga CA
Buffalo Inn Upland CA

Claremont, CA to Santa Monica, CA

Wolfe’s Market Claremont CA
Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse San Dimas CA
Golden Spur Glendora CA
Aztec Hotel Monrovia CA
Santa Anita Park and Racetrack Arcadia CA
Saga Motor Hotel Pasadena CA
Original End of Route 66 Los Angeles CA
Arroyo Seco Bridge Pasadena CA
Cafe 50’s Los Angeles CA
The “True” End of Route 66 Santa Monica CA
66-to-Cali Souvenir Shack Santa Monica CA
Will Rogers Highway Marker Santa Monica CA
Santa Monica Pier – Route 66 Start/End Santa Monica CA