roswell, nm to las vegas, nm…we're not alone

Today was a less artful day, but just as fun, nonetheless.  I awoke to the sounds of my hotel neighbor, Gov Bill Richardson, leaving for his breakfast conference on New Mexico Tourism…yes, he stays at the Holiday Inn Express when in Roswell.  There was talk of slipping him a note to see if he wanted to play catch with the guys, but sleepier heads prevailed.

While the guys headed off to start their day filming, I decided to drive around and try and find some shots for my book project, and also revisit some of the great neon we drove past, when coming into town last evening.
Then it was mirth and merriment as I met up with the guys filming at the one of the many UFO museums. Alien Zone was great, with about 10-15 vignettes set up with space aliens, and posing with the extraterrestrials is encouraged.

We made it to the historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, NM, where we met back up with Larry and his good friend and art lover, Margaret.  Conversations chock full of laughs ensued as we had a terrific dinner in the restaurant.
Odometer: something over 2,000
Car tunes: Pinkard & Bowden, Springsteen’s Magic, Beatles’ Revolver, Red Hot Chili Pepper’s One Hot Minute, & a couple of episodes of “This American Life”