Richard Margolin's Rock and Roll House

Richard Margolin  |  dates unknown  |  Encinitas, CA

Adorned home environment | Created 2001-2007

Another “believe-it-or-not-it’s-a-rental” amazing environment.  And unfortunately it was dismantled in April of 2007, making way for condos and office buildings….

Luckily, we were there 5 months before the wrecking ball.  This tribute to Richard’s heroes of rock and roll was outstanding.  A purple painted basketball hoop stood as a homage to Jimi Hendrix, as did the “kickwheel,” a windmill also featuring images of such “kicked” (deceased) legends as John Lee Hooker, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash and Marvin Gaye.  Bob Dylan’s head (ok – a photo of his head) floats in a glass jar, and Tina Turner sits center in the “big wheel” of a bike as Ike looks on.  Mosaics of broken CDs, tile, mardi gras beads, copier images and paint splatters adorn this 2 story house in the alley.  “Purple haze all through my brain…”

Richard claims that “chicks really dig it, they feel it more deeply.”  And I suppose he is right.  The colors, texture, and humor is truly captivating.  it is a shame that it is gone.  One can only hope that the man with the tree service business finds another palette to adorn.