Ralph Lanning Auction

When I was 80, I had enough work to do for the next 10 years.
Now at 90, I have work lined up for 10 more years.
I don’t think God is going to take me before I finish. I have work to do.”
Ralph Lanning, Republic, MO sculptor.
The Lanning Gardens folk art environment was auctioned off on April 9, 2010. Ralph had always hoped that his environment would remain intact, but sadly, he didn’t leave a will and his property had to be auctioned off. The day started with the hope that all of the art would be sold in one lot, but the initial asking price wasn’t met. As things turned out, most of the large pieces were purchased by one entity, keeping the essence of this charming sculpture park together.
Thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor, a majority of the pieces will eventually be on display at the Missouri State University campus in Springfield, MO, less than 25 miles from their original home in Republic.

(excerpt from Detour Art)
Lanning Roadside Sculpture Park— Ralph Doss Lanning
1916-2009 | Republic, MO | Concrete sculpture environment
It’s quickly apparent that the person most entertained by the Lanning Sculpture Park is Ralph Lanning. He is as humble as he is quick with a laugh as he shows visitors around his 8.5-acre concrete and stone sculpture garden, regaling them with stories. The garden is filled with mythical creatures, such as mermaids, gryphons, a two-headed dinosaur named Mik and Ike, and a nude Lady Godiva atop a horse (although Ralph claims she is wearing a body suit and tights). There is religious symbology and a touching tribute to a young man going to war. The inscription on the giant concrete heart reads: “If Heaven is half as beautiful as here on Earth, I don’t want to miss it.” Ralph may not consider himself an artist, but this gentle man’s garden speaks otherwise.