Pet Cemetery – the search for “Petey”

Pet Cemetery (Aspin testosterone gel review 10 training secrets for Hill Pet Cemetery)

13630 Georgia Ave
Silver Spring, MD

Possibly the final resting place for Petey, the lovable terrier from the Our Gang movies. Then again, possibly not. Petey’s real name was Jiggs, or maybe it was General Grant, and one source says he’s buried in California anyway, but another says Maryland. And the real problem is that Aspin Hill is huge, with no kind of signs or guides to help you find it anyway. A sad, fruitless day of Peteylessness for us, but maybe you’ll do better …

Aspin Hill Memorial Park is also the final resting place of J. Edgar Hoover’s dogs (including Spee De Bozo), 40 to 50 humans who insisted on being buried with their pets, and the location of the “Medical Rats Memorial.”

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