News from the Orange Show – Flower Man needs our help


Saturday October 4th 10am-5pm 
Come Help Us Help The Flower Man! 

If you can make donations of time or money, please contact the Orange Show (information below)
(direct from the Orange Show Newsletter)
All Flower Man photos courtesy of Ed Schipul
The Good News
The Orange Show monument and The Beer Can House weathered the hurricane with minimal damage. Our staff and crew has cleaned up, repaired and restored both sites and we will re-open for visitors this coming weekend. 

The Bad News 
Unfortunately, Hurricane Ike did a number on The Flower Man’s house and we need help putting it back together! Please join us Saturday, October 4th starting at 10am as we work to help Cleveland “The Flower Man” Turner restore his wonderful Third Ward landmark.
Some of the tasks include: staking up the fences, removing a large dead tree, fixing the leaking roof, repairing the front room ceiling and clearing debris from the yard. 

The Orange Show will provide materials for general clean-up and restoration but please bring tools and work gloves, if you have them. In particular, we need pruning shears, at least one chain saw and a shop vac. If you have any additional tools that may be helpful please let us know. We will also have plenty of cold drinks and water available. 

The Flower Man Needs Our Help 
Saturday, October 4th  • 10am to 5pm 
2305 Francis Street 
(two blocks south of Dowling & Alabama) 
Houston, Texas

Please call Wendy in the office if you are able to help.  • 305.804.8703 (Our internet is still down) 
It is not necessary to RSVP! 
Feel free to show up on Saturday if you can work for any amount of time. Cleveland needs our help!