More Roadside Attractions…Southern-style

Texas? Arkansas? P. O. Photo Op
500 Wood St
Texarkana, Ar or TX
This post office straddles the state lines of Arkansas and Texas, and the folks of Texarkana are keenly aware of the photo op. There is even a railing to lean against for even better camera angles!


Legend of Boggy Creek Monster
PO Box 78 104 Highway 71
Fouke, AR

First off, be careful how you say “Fouke.” Then be careful as you’re passing through that you don’t cross paths with that Bigfoot-kind-of-creature that spawned the memorable “Legend of Boggy Creek” movie. The folks at the Monster Mart have pictures and tales of the sightings that made this a cinematic launching pad for such stars as Willie E. Smith and John P. Nixon. (They were in the film. I looked it up.) (Thanks Rare Visions!)
Ida Jail? Icehouse?
19701 U.S. 71


Ida, LA
Seriously doubt that this is the real McCoy, but it can be a quick photo op! So, if you need to know some history of this town that you are cruising through, here you go: The town of Ida came into existence in 1897 when the first post office became part of the then Chandler store at which time the town was named Ida, after the daughter of J.R. Chandler. Ida became an incorporated village in the late 1960’s.

World’s 3rd Largest Fire Hydrant
Fire Museum of Texas
400 Walnut Street
Beaumont, TX
Just across the street from the Fire Museum of Texas stands a dog’s dream. The dalmation-spotted monster is surrounded by the real deals.  An excellent place for your pup for check his pee-mail.

Ezekiel Airship Marker
204 Fulton St
Pittsburg, TX
Tucked in the hedges stand the historical marker for the biblically-named Ezekiel Airship. Powered by God and a 26-ft wingspan, the 1902 flying machine took flight at least a year before the Wright Brothers. The airplane was designed by Rev. Burrell Cannon who was divinely inspired by the Old Testament book of Ezekiel, which described a flying machine: “The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the color of beryl and…their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.” It flew 160 feet.


Dan Blocker Gravesite
Woodman Cemetery 
Front Street
DeKalb, TX
DeKalb, Texas, is the boyhood home and final resting-place of America’s favorite plus-size TV cowpoke, Dan Blocker. You just knew that all was right with the world when Ol’ Hoss tossed another bad guy into the horse trough each week on Bonanza.

Tail of Ricky Nelson’s Death Plane
Front Street
DeKalb, TX


Reported to be the tail section of the plane that Ricky Nelson (singer and actor) was in when it crashed outside of De Kalb in 1985…but really, wouldn’t the FAA have the real thing? This spot is poorly marked, and you might drive past it a few times…it is on the same side of the street and next to the Family Dollar in the garage of a house-turned-museum.

Giant Bo Pilgrim Head and Sculpture
4845 Hwy 271 N
Pittsburg, TX
Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim &  his brother, founded Pilgrim’s Pride in 1946. Bo expanded the poultry company to eventually sell food all around the world. With a last name like “Pilgrim” how else would you market your company? With a pilgrim hat, of course! This successful marketing gimmick was one he wore to all events and functions. 
Originally the big fiberglass hat was on the roof of the company’s restaurant, The Hat, but when it closed in 2002, Bo Pilgram’s likeness was constructed to a scale that would befittin’ the iconic hat.
Below the big head, sits a life-size bronze of Bo, seeming to read the Bible to a chicken.  Last rites? Who knows?
The Heavener Runestone
18365 Runestone Rd
Heavener, OK
The Heavener Runestone is a Viking-inscribed 12-ft stone located in Heavener, Oklahoma. The land on which it sits is now a state park on Poteau Mountain, just outside the town limits, and the monolith sits in a covered building about 100 yards off of the road (you will need to hike down to see it). 
The theory has the Vikings coming up the Mississippi and taking a left at the Arkansas River in AD 600-900. The stone tells that story of “Glome” 
The origin of the stone’s runic carvings is disputed, and some believe it to be 19th or early 20th century. 
If you look closely at the top of the stone, you will see the buzzard that was trapped inside the exhibit.  Scared the be-jezzus out of me when he flew into the plexi.

Giant Gazing Ball
Joplin Greenhouse
2820 East 32nd Street
Joplin, MO
A giant gazing ball stands tall as the signage for this nursery in Joplin.