Monument Rocks

Monument Rocks  |  Gove County, KS

I have to say it…it looks like we aren’t in Kansas any more… but here we are in the middle of  the “Badlands” of Kansas, about 40 miles south of Oakley and east on a lot of chalky dirt roads.  One of my favorite things about a car trip is the surprise when the site (natural or otherwise) first comes into view.  Driving along the back roads to Monument Rocks, there were no visual clues about what lay ahead, only flat open grazing land, and not much else.

The all of a sudden there they are.  A not-quite-as-grand-Tetons rising up from the pastures.  The chalk bluff area is famous for its fossils of oysters, sharks, bony fish and reptiles, when it was an open ocean eighty million years ago.

The Smoky Hill River crosses U.S. 83 about 25 miles north of Scott City.  North of the river 2.5 miles a sign directs visitors another 4 miles east and 2 miles south to Monument Rocks.