Missouri folk artist, Bob Smithy, sculptures for sale

I recently heard from Chris Roush, grandson of Missouri folk artist Bob Smithy, who is interested in selling the remaining sculptures at his grandfather’s house in Plevna, Missouri. (Bob passed away on May 18, 2012.)

Bob Smithy, born in 1930, has worked as a trucker in the Midwest since the 1950s. Initially to keep his own trucks on the road he built a small workshop, then later expanded his service to repair other vehicles. In the late 1980s, he built a pair of male and female figures from welded scrap parts to stand beside the road as an advertisement for his enterprise. As new ideas came to him for other sculptures, he added cowboys and Indians on horseback, a devil and angel tableau, and a skeleton to the roadside lineup. Nearly 20 pieces stand near his shop today, all built of found objects and repair leftovers.

Interested parties can contact Chris at 660-341-2932 or email him at proush [at] oatstransit.org.