Meet one of the “Illinois 66 Giants”

Lauterbach Tire’s Muffler Man

1569 Wabash Ave
Jerome, IL
Muffler man

This patriotic behemoth standing guard at Lauterbach Tire is one of the “Illinois 66 Giants” – 3 muffler men – the Gemini Giant, the Lauterbach Giant, and the Hot Dog Muffler Man. After a tornado hit the town, he lost his head…but now his head has been reattached… and looking quite fresh.

How to identify a muffler man and friends…(the hollow fiberglass variety, not the ones actually made from mufflers). A muffler man stands 18-25 feet tall and was originally designed to promote, well…mufflers, by holding the automotive part (or ax, golf club…) with the classic bend at elbow, left palm faces down, right palm faces up and an open grasp.

There are a variety of types:

  • Classic – clean shaven, although facial hair may be painted on later.
  • Some variations could include a Paul Bunyon (knit hat and beard, like this one) or Cowboy.
  • Indian – shirtless, and sometimes with a full headdress or single feather
  • “Happy Halfwit” – think Alfred E. Newman from Mad magazine, gap-toothed and freckled and with either a straw hat or ball cap.

Also a “Zippy the Pinhead” comic strip location – “Head Cheese”

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Lauterbach Muffler Man Lauterbach Muffler Man