Hair art and famous follicles grace the walls of Leila’s Hair Museum

Leila’s Hair Museum

1333 S Noland Rd
Independence, MO

Local attraction, Offbeat museum

The Independence School of Cosmetology also houses the headquarters of Leila’s Hair Museum. Leila freely admits that she’s “beyond obsessed with hair.” Back in 1956 she bought her first hair wreath. Now the walls are filled with examples of this obscure Victorian era practice of memorializing loved ones through art that incorporates strands of their hair. Some folks might think it’s a bit creepy. Not Leila. It’s family, history and art all rolled up in one fascinating package, and she wants the world to know it!

Hair wreaths, woven with locks of family members, were considered early representations of family trees. Leila’s has over 400 of these follicle follies. You can also check out the (tiny) strands from Elvis, Abraham Lincoln, and yes, the Virgin Mary. If they ever perfect cloning from DNA – Leila’s will be a gold mine.