Larry Baggett’s folk art tribute to the Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears Memorial – Larry Baggett

21250 State Rt D
Newburg, MO
Concrete environment, Route 66 art

Larry Baggett lived between Newburg and Jerome, just off I-44, along an old stretch of Route 66. “My doctor gave me three years to live, 20 years ago” is one of the first things he told us about himself. In those “bonus years” Larry managed to build an elegant archway over his drive in tribute to those who passed through on the Trail of Tears, as well as a series of stone terraces that criss-crossed the hillside and a giant homemade sauna for soaking his aching bones. Despite knowing that he’d cheated death for so long, we were still taken aback to hear that in 2003 Larry had actually left us.

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(Photos & text © copyright 2006-2014 Kelly Ludwig, all rights reserved)


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