Finally!  Kentuck!  I have heard about this art festival for years, and it didn’t disappoint. The day was gorgeous, and the venue perfect.  Northport, Alabama is just north of Tuscaloosa, with a great old downtown and picturesque festival grounds.  There are hundreds of artists (no dealers) with tents/booths among the cedar trees.  While many I have seen on the professional art fair scene, there are a large number of contemporary folk artists as well.

Of course, arguments can point out that once you are aware of art festivals and showing at them you have been “tainted” in some way.  But I don’t want to argue that. I believe if the art speaks to you. it speaks to you…labels be damned.
But with that said, there were a surprising number of artists that were there that are top notch, and with friends and family there to help them navigate the business of art. I was in heaven and had a unique opportunity to meet folks that I have only read about…oh if this just wasn’t a recession roadtrip, my car would be much much fuller.  Here are a few of the folks (and faces to put with the art) that I did get to meet or re-greet (there are so many..):
Charlie Lucas:
Sam the Dot Man McMillan:
Betty Sue Mathews:
Ruby Williams:
Lonnie Holley:
Yvonne Wells:
Chris Clark: