It’s a Wonderful Life

The Byrd

Open 365 days a year, this historic theater is home to a Richmond Tradition – screening of “It’s a Wonderful Life” every Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Built in 1928, the 1,300-seat Byrd Theatre is one of the nation’s finest cinema treasures and is both a State and National Historic landmark. Just as in the early days of the Byrd Theatre, you can catch a Saturday night performance of the Mighty Wurlitzer Organ and cartoons prior to the movie.

Unlike many opulent theaters that were built during the 1920s and 1930s in the United States, the Byrd Theatre is largely unaltered in appearance or function, operating almost continuously since 1928 as a movie theatre.

The Byrd Theatre

2908 West Cary Street
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 353-9911

The Byrd