Ike, the Orange Show, the Beer Can House and the Flowerman

(Orange Show, Houston, TX, before Ike. Testosterone Enanthate cycle for sale: foods high in Test E �Photo courtesy of Narrow Larry Harris)

Hi everyone…just heard from Larry Harris and the folks at the Orange Show in Houston, and thought you might want an update…

The Orange Show office sustained some roof and water damage, but they have power – but no internet. �The Orange Show Monument also suffered some blows from the hurricane, and still does not have electricity. �Both the Orange Show and the Beer Can House will be closed for the next few weeks for repairs.
(The Beer Can House, Houston, TX, before Ike. �Photo courtesy of�Narrow Larry Harris)
Word from Susanne, former director of the Orange Show:�
�(Cleveland Turner, The Flowerman, Houston, TX, before Ike)
I went over to see the Flower Man yesterday at Wendy�s suggestion. He is fine; however an enormous tree fell out of his yard onto the street. It took out his porch (which he slept under during Rita!) and the storm caused some roof damage. I promised to help him apply to FEMA, and I tried to take some pictures of the damage, but all I had was my cell phone.
�(Cleveland Turner, The Flowerman, Houston, TX, before Ike)
This has been a difficult time for all of Houston and the Galveston Bay Area. Here’s to a speedy recovery.