Hitting the road…

It’s that time of the year and ya gotta pack the wagon for the road.  What are some of the essentials that can make or break any trip?

  • Good tunes – iPod, Cds or old school radio – music makes it.
  • “This American Life” – ok – I love Ira!  His radio program makes the long stretches fly by.  I save up the podcasts for the big trips.  And they now have an iPhone app of their own.
  • Starbucks instant coffee. Yeah, yeah, instant coffee? Starbucks? Seriously, grab some and add it to your next cup of gas station coffee (aka sock water) and your will soon be groovin the caffeine buzz.
  • A kajillion chargers = mini power strip – phone, cameras, computers…
  • Roadside America app – sure, it probably seems like a bad idea to promote another’s app on yours web site, but they have a great app!  It is different, with more attractions and a longtime user supported community.  We got a different step up with our maps, video and food. Simpatico, very simpatico. Doug Kirby and his gang rock.
  • Weather radio – so you don’t have weather.com?  A hand crank weather radio can entertain the passenger for hours when the skies turn that funky greenish black color….(why are you looking at this web site if you don’t have an iPhone?)