Here comes the sun…and a mean eyed cat

Today was one of those perfect road trip days. Sure, I did the indoor sessions at SXSW – and they really delivered. But more importantly – the sun came out!!!! We had a bit of a lull between “interesting” sessions – so Cam and I jumped in the car and headed to Lockhart, TX, about 30 minutes south of Austin, for some more real-deal BBQ at family-owned Black’s. (full disclosure – I wanted to go to Kreuz’s Market – but they were closed – it is Sunday.) Sunday’s not a problem here – Black’s is open 8 days a week.

The building is non-descript, the line long – but the buffet-style helps it move fast. Loved the baby back ribs – (but have to say the the smoked sausage at Iron Works is still winning.)

And it was our lucky day…live music started just about the time we sat down. They play the second Sunday each month.

The centerpiece of Lockhart is the county courthouse, an 1894 Pecos limestone masterpiece. The Texas Historical Commission description states: “Most attribute its design to San Antonio architect Alfred Giles. However, it is more likely that Henri E. M. Guindon [sic] is the architect.”

But I have to say, the big highlight came at the end of the day. We met up with Keith, a client/friend from HR Block and somehow talked him into walking with us to a Johnny Cash tribute bar I had heard of called Mean Eyed Cat Bar. Now, it is about a 2 mile walk from the convention center where we met up, and through a fairly residential area with some non-descript buildings. About a block before we got there (using the Best Road Trip app, of course)we could see the interstate concrete looming, and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t sure if they were open. It is Sunday. That would be an epic fail. Luckily, there was no disappointment.

Even the women’s bathroom delivered. You gotta go.