The service station of 66 nostalgia

Paris Springs Garage and Sinclair Station – Gary Turner

21118 Old 66
Ash Grove, MO
Petroliana, Signage

Gary Turner is quite a character, so don’t be in a hurry when you stop in. Across the street is the Gay Purita Store, once had a cafe, station and cabins (1929) and now is a private residence.

When Eli Paris opened a hotel in town to cater to the folks flocking to the town to partake of its healing mineral waters, the town was renamed for the hotel operator. It became Paris Springs and not only provided a dip in its rich springs but also produced bottled waters.

The Sinclair station was opened in 1930 by Gay and Fred Mason, who named the place Gay Parita, and they kept busy with the traffic from Route 66. After the Masons passed away,  Route 66 was decommissioned, and I-44 bypassed the town.

Gary and his wife, Lena, purchased the station and along with their son, Steve, they rebuilt it with native stones. Today it sits shiny and new, while not an exact replica, providing new generation of Route 66 travelers the opportunity to slow down, see the past, and chat with a very entertaining man.

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