Footwear folliage at Dot Leavitt’s Mini Museum

Dot Leavitt’s Mini Museum

105 N. 12th
Vega, TX
806 267-2828

Welded environment, Boot tree, Inspiration for “Cars”

Dot Leavitt and her husband Harold owned Vega Zero Lockers, a cold freezer storage in the 40s and 50s. (Remember, at the time most people didn’t have a freezer at home.) Since they also sold canned goods, fruits, veggies and various other sundries, it became a must-stop for travelers along Route 66.

After the interstate bypassed Vega, Dot was determined to pay homage to those bygone days. Today, her daughter Betty Carpenter has kept the Mini-Museum display of Western artifacts and, you guessed it, Route 66 memorabilia. Check out the Texas version of the shoe tree!

The character “Lizzie” from the 2006 Disney/Pixar movie, “Cars,” seems do be based on Dot (and a bit of Lucille Hamons from Hydro, OK). To read more about sites that inspired “Cars” be sure to read Ron Warnick’s blog – Route 66 News

This was a stop on the 2002 Route 66 Caravan, a 66-day road trip led by preservationist and historian, Jim Conkle. He lead the The Route 66 Caravan from “pier to pier,” Santa Monica to Chicago to raise the awareness of Route 66 and the need to preserve it. He posted more than 50 Hampton “Save a Landmark” signs along the route.

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Dot Leavitt's Mini Museum Dot Leavitt's Mini Museum