Flooding in Missouri along the Mississippi

Ellsberry, Foley and Clarksville, MO

Friday, 20 June 08
I decided to take a drive north of St. Louis to witness the power of the river.  Words can’t quite describe the sights )and smells) of the destruction.  But the spirit of the people, the volunteers, the National Guard, the small business owners, and all is truly touching.  
Stopping in Ellsberry at Cadillac Bill’s for one of the best burgers, ever, stories of community abound.  The restaurants that are still open were delivering meals (gratis) to the guardsmen and women on duty at the various posts along highway 79.  I also learned of a great vantage point to really see just how far the river had come.  (The first photo on this blog is from this point, over 2 miles from the Mississippi)
The next photo is from Foley, MO which is surrounded on 3 sides by water, and half of the town is already evacuated.  the last 2 are from Clarksville, a river town much like Hannibal, with its bluffs and tourism along the riverfront.
So I have decided that all of my tax dollars that are earmarked for the military are going to the National Guard and Reserves…let others pay for the wars…(let me pretend that I have a say in these matters)