Cool fence in Southern Missouri—E.V. "Gordon" Wisner

Ahhhh…the first day of spring and a mighty good day.  I decided to see if I could find this old rock fence, armed with vague directions that the guys from Rare Visions gave me… (outside of Caplinger Mills, near a bridge.)  After a few attempts and visits with some locals, the moment of discovery was great – “There it is!…that IS great.”

Built by E. V. “Gordon” Wisner of Blackjack, MO, the fence runs about 1/4 mile, running from his home and ending at a simple Mennonite church.  Both sides of the road are lined with stone fences.  A more traditional dry stack fence/wall of stone in varying sizes, including a 3000 pound rock, are along the east side of the road, while a “lighter” rock and concrete fence faces it on the west.  
The posts of this fence have rock and other materials (including horseshoes, slate and glass) create the concrete- embedded designs, and rocks topping the rails.  All surrounding a pastoral setting with a pond and continuation of the stone fence.  
The fences cover almost half of his 40 acres, and it is said that he still uses the tractor  that he purchased in the early 1950s.  Every now and then you might notice his “signature” with date atop of the rails, as they were completed.  All in all an impressive creation in the “middle of nowhere.”
To find the fence: It is in between Truman and Stockton Lakes, Heading south on 71, go east on Hwy 54 approx. 40 or so miles.  Turn south at W, (between Cedar Creek and Collins) and you will find it. If not you can ask anybody walking along the road (as I did) and they will get you there.  (One  kind-hearted soul  mentioned that the fence in in Blackjack, another small town in the area…but I was so turned around, that I never saw the actual town)

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