Check out accidental mysteries…vernacular photography at it's finest

accidental mysteries is John & Teenuh Foster’s terrific web site dedicated to extraordinary vernacular photography…

John and Teenuh Foster share a passionate interest in collecting works of art by self-taught artists, as well as anonymous objects that to them, share attributes of great design and mystery. They consider vernacular photography to be a long overlooked genre of folk art, capturing elements of history, sociology, psychology and often “accidental” moments on film. John is a founder and past-president of ENVISION Folk Art of Missouri, where he also served as editor of the Journal that he produced for ten years. John serves on the Board of Trustees for SPACES (Saving and Preserving Arts and Cultural Environments) which is based in Aptos, California. Additionally, John is a member of the Advisory Board of The Folk Art Society of America and the Nek Chand Foundation in London, UK.

And be sure to visit his blog as well…Monday there was a button suit mentioned that I covet!