Boston Avenue Church

Boston Avenue Church   |  1301 South Boston  |  Tulsa, OK  |  Completed June 9, 1929

Another sunny, yet bitterly cold and windy day in the Midwest.  Larry (Narrow Larry from Houston) has raved about this church for years, and it was about time I saw it.  It is a magnificent example of art deco architecture.  And, what a shame that no one was around this Saturday to let us inside to see the interiors.  I guess not even God goes downtown on a Saturday in Tulsa.
Built in the mid-twenties when Tulsa was a booming oil town and the depression wasn’t even a notion.  After going through a number architects, the church committee members turned to University of Tulsa art instructor, Miss Adah Robinson for help.  Her sketch was shockingly modern, at a time when gothic churches were the norm.  They young architect and former student of Miss Robinson’s, Bruce Goff to draft the building and another former student, Robert Garrison, to create the sculptures.