Big balls of barbed wire at the Devil’s Rope Museum

Devil’s Rope Museum

100 S Kingsley St
McLean, TX
806 779-2225

Devil’s Rope (aka barbed wire) is the thing around here. Not only can you see it’s history, you can also see pickled snake remains from the Regal Reptile Ranch. Roadside reptile exhibitor, E. Mike Allred and his sister established the Route 66 attraction, Regal Reptile Ranch, in Alanreed. Today, they are honored with an exhibit at the Devil’s Rope Museum.

If the Devil’s Rope and pickled snakes aren’t enough to motivate you to stop, then you should know that in this building you will also find the Texas Route 66 Museum. (As you would suspect, with almost every state that Route 66 goes through, there’s a museum dedicated to it.)

And in keeping with the love of all things big, this place claims to be the “world’s largest” museum and the entrance is flanked by two big balls of the barbed.

For those of you that enjoyed the Disney-Pixar movie “Cars,” The scene when Lighting McQueen gets caught in the barbed wire is a reference to the Devil’s Rope Museum. To read more about sites that inspired “Cars” be sure to read Ron Warnick’s blog – Route 66 News

This was a stop on the 2002 Route 66 Caravan, a 66-day road trip led by preservationist and historian, Jim Conkle. He lead the The Route 66 Caravan from “pier to pier,” Santa Monica to Chicago to raise the awareness of Route 66 and the need to preserve it. He posted more than 50 Hampton “Save a Landmark” signs along the route.

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