An incredible collection in Garnett, Kansas

cugno_logan045, originally uploaded by queenodesign.

Today was the day we have been waiting for! Not only to go see the amazing folk art (and contemporary) collection of “The Roberts” (Robert Cugno and Robert Logan)…but the weather was gorgeous. Out of the deep freeze and a sunny 60!

Sister Mary Corita lithograph

The gracious hosts, Robert and Logan opened their home to me and the Folkart Tarts, for a joyous day of art talk and a chance to see a collection that is (reluctantly) in the process of being divested. Of course, some of the art found it’s way back to my collection, and some will be joining it soon. Nancy, Tina, Susan and her brother, Eric, and myself descended on the house like a swarm of locusts, oohing and ahhing at every turn.  

The Roberts have been art dealers since 1963, when they opened Media Gallery in Southern California, specializing in contemporary fine crafts and graphics in print. During that time, they also amassed an amazing collection of serigraphs of Sister Mary Corita. The early 70s ushered in folk, vernacular and outsider art to their portfolio.

In 1988, they moved to Garnett, KS and purchased an historic mansion called the Kirk House, where they ran it as a bed and breakfast and continued to operate Media Gallery as a collection “without walls”.

Vivolo sculpture

During their time in Garnett, they became active in the arts, and were instrumental in the organization of the Walker Art Collection, housed in the Garnett Public Library. There you can find works by John Steuart Curry, Edouard Manet, Dale Chilhuly, and Jean Baptiste Corot. Yes, in Garnett, Kansas!!!

Now, I may have the exact details wrong, but not only is the “Roberts'” folk art collection in the process of being sold, but also are other art holdings in Garnett, which are stored in the library as well. There you will find surprising contemporary art pieces and lithographs, collected and curated by the gentlemen. (I am now the proud owner of a signed Calder lithograph, see below)

Returning back to the house, we were greeted by delicious homemade brownies baked by Logan (an award-gourmet cook) and then off to a local diner for a late lunch, before we returned home.

All in all, a perfect day! Thanks to the generosity of Robert and Robert.