The road to Cupertino…

It has been a long and windy one, but it looks like the apps are almost ready to go to Apple for the green light. We decided to divide the big ol’ country into more navigable (and cheaper) chunks, so that you can pick the region that suits you best.

So, just what are you getting yourself into?

Well…”The Best Roadtrip Ever” (aka “See the USA!) contains over 6,500 of hand-picked, funky attractions, eateries and folk art sites.  Then we sliced and diced it into nifty regions that, well, are obvious by the way that they are named. You will find photos, stories, addresses, phone numbers, web addresses, the whole enchilada. (Except for artists, since they are private. If you found this website, you probably are smart enough to use Google and you can figure out the rest.)  In this big hunkering app you will also find the stops from Rare Visions and a lot, but not all, of the sights along Route 66.

And did we mention food?  Well, this roadtripper has got to eat along the way, and prefers not to do the chains.  So, you will also find a lot of unique eateries along the way, including hundreds of those great dining car diners, joints that the folks from that show with 3D’s have visited, and other highly recommended road food emporiums.  What you won’t find is a laundry list of everything that is nearby. And you won’t find reviews…you will just have to trust your gut on this (and the number of cars in the parking lot).

The app for “Rare Visions” features all of the visit-able locales that the three TV Weasels have visited in their 13 years on the road while filming the KCPT/PBS Travel show “Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations.” If you ever wanted to be a weasel, too, now’s your chance to do the steering.

“Roadtrip 66” (aka Route 66) takes you on a turn-by-turn along the Mother Road.  Yep, every freakin’ turn. With the advent of the interstates, old 66 no longer goes straight through like it once did.  So wherever possible, you can travel as much of the original with is app. Along the way, you can see relics of the past, cool old signs, mom and pop shops, and new joints that have popped up to celebrate the best of Americana.

So, check back often for the latest on the approval process, and get ready to roll!