All in the name of "research"

With a new project in the near future, I decided to hop in the car and test out the GPS and iPhone.

OK – I wasn’t too busy this weekend and decided to take a roadtrip, trying to avoid the storms, revisit old sites, see new ones, and grab some Route 66 shots for an upcoming quilt book design…and think about the app…

Stopped by Bob Smithy’s sculpture environment in Plevna, MO, to sadly find it with far fewer sculptures than ever before. Bob wasn’t home, and it left me to speculate that the new memorial to his wife could be a reason behind the lack of art. But the pieces were there had the characteristic charm and humor that I had seen before.

The guys from Rare Visions had visited the small town of Griggsville, Illinois “Purple Martin Capital of America,” so it was my turn. Griggsville is a charming small town that has capitalized on the avian homesteads found all along main street.

Onward to Route 66’s Springfield, IL and the Cozy Dog Drive In…yes, the birthplace of the corndog. Not greasy, quite yuumy. And this drive in could be the first eatery that I have encountered that has a memorial library as well and being chockfull of Route 66 memorabilia.