Albert the Bull “steaks” his claim to World’s Largest

Albert the Bull

East Division and Stadium Drive
Audubon, IA
Big stuff

Okay, it’s concrete, but Albert is gigantic . . . complete with huge eyelashes . . . and hey, it lights up!

Every town wants to be home to a world’s biggest something-or-other. At least it seems that way when we’re out there on the road. And we’re not immune to this syndrome, either. In Audubon, Iowa, Albert the Bull “steaks” his claim to “world’s largest.” And all I can say is I’ve never seen a bigger bull.

Don sez, “All I can say is we skipped a meal (that probably would have been edible) in the restaurant-rich city of Omaha to go find Albert the Bull before dark. Now, Albert may indeed be big, but speaking as a vegetarian, heading into the hinterlands of Iowa to go look for him was, in my opinion, one of the World’s Largest Mis-steaks.

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