A real-deal-folk-art-Johnny-Cash-lovin-dive-bar!

Mean-Eyed Cat Bar

1621 West 5th Street
Austin, TX
(512) 472-6326

It is about a 2-mile walk from the convention center, and through a fairly residential area with some non-descript buildings. About a block before we got there (using the Best Road Trip app, of course) we could see the interstate concrete looming, and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t sure if they were open. It is Sunday. That would be an epic fail. Luckily, there was no disappointment.

They serve a huge selection of beer and wine served in jelly jars, this kitschy Johnny Cash-loving dive bar has gritty backyard with live music. Great interiors, a real deal folk-art-Johnny-Cash-lovin-dive-bar. You just gotta go.

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