A real deal diner and Milk Duds!

Lou Mitchell's

Located near the beginning of Route 66. Its classic neon sign boasts “Serving the World’s Finest Coffee,” Lou Mitchell’s classic diner has been open in Chicago since 1923 (at it’s current location since 1950.) The constant crowds reinforce the truth: the skillet-served meals are really, really tasty!

Plus, every female customer gets a free box of Milk Duds, when you tell them you are traveling Route 66.

The original Milk Dud factory was near the restaurant and Mr. Mitchell was good friends with the owner. So, in good Greek custom of offering guests a bit of something sweet, he gave women and children a small box of Milk Duds. The tradition still continues, despite the factory moving to Hershey.

They are a designated Hampton “Save A Landmark” site.

  • Serving breakfast and lunch
  • Full bar
  • Major credit cards accepted

Lou Mitchell’s

565 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL
(312) 939-3111

Lou Mitchell's