A Capitol idea

It was crazy cold and breezy, and luckily it scared off the weak of heart from standing in line for a tour of the Capitol. We were able to get right in, warm up and learn a thing or two.

United State Capitol

United States Capitol Building

United States Capitol
East Capitol St NE & First St
DC 20004
(202) 226-8000

Open: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am til 4:30 pm
Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Tours are free, but tour passes are required. You can get them through your Representative or Senator or you can take your chance and stand in line for a pass at the visitor center. It lasts about an hour and the tour guides are amazingly knowledgeable and entertaining. (At least mine was.) If you want to watch the sessions, you will need a separate pass to visit the galleries.

Through out the Capitol you will see 100 statues donates by each state, ranging from Helen Keller (Alabama) to Sakakawea (North Dakota) to King Kamehameha I (Hawaii). The fresco on the Dome’s ceiling, The Apotheosis, features George Washington surrounded by the Greek gods of War, Science, Marine, Commerce, Mechanics and Agriculture.