600+ miles…

(Flint Hills, Kansas)


The trip started wild and windy…with the winds in the Flint Hills of Kansas being strong enough to topple a semi. Everytime I passed an 18-wheeler, I would hold my breath and go as fast as possible, “don’t tip on me.” Did drive by a semi on it’s side.  Definitely a driving with 2-hands kinda day…

Eventually the sun came out and I just have to say – I love this!  Really there isn’t much that is better than the beginning of a trip, you think you know what you will see, but it never matches…with the surprises usually for the better.
(Glancy Hotel, Old Route 66, Clinton, Oklahoma)
(Tradewinds Motel, along Route 66 in Clinton, OK.  This was the halfway point between Memphis and Las Vegas, and Elvis would stay in room 215, when he made the trek.  The current owners wouldn’t let me go in the room, but by the look of the exterior, I suspect it looks much like it did when Elvis stayed there…and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.)
(Someone has pried the plaque off of Elvis’s room)
Today was a day to make milage, but I did manage to capture a few photos along old route 66, as the sun ducked in and out of the clouds.
As I suspected, by the time it got to Cadillac Ranch, it was raining…lighting would have been terrible…so I will get up a little earlier tomorrow and head back.
OK I do have a bit of a roadtrip rant…
What is up with Texan on and off ramps?  It is completely messed up.  You exit the highway off on a short ramp and you must barrel across a 2-way access road.  You have to trust the oncoming traffic to yield to you.  (trusting some Texans hasn’t proven to be a terrific idea, in my humble opinion…Larry, that doesn’t include you)  Sometimes it is random as to whether the road is a 2-way traffic or 1-way.  Totally trips me up.  (ok, yes – I did go the wrong way down the road, but quickly corrected my error, before anyone saw me…or crashed into me)  And when you are minding you own beeswax, driving down the interstate, suddenly a car (or pickup, more likely) will barrel at you from out of nowhere.  (ok – a very short on ramp off of a side access road, without any warning to the rest of America that has grown used to typical on-coming traffic clues…like signs!!!
Thank you for letting me get that off my chest…whew.  Seriously – as whacked as it is to me, it does make for an interesting journey…keeps me alert.  Over all a great day to start an adventure…great music, great views, great anticipation.  Oh and Holiday Inn Express upgraded my room – I have an 8 person conference table (anyone for a meeting?) and a jacuzzi – a gift from above after 600 miles.
(Tomorrow – Cadillac Ranch, Robert Bruno’s Steel House, and who knows what else.)
Car Tunes: Citizen Cope, Steve Earle’s “Transcendental Blues”, Bob Dylan’s “Modern Times,” Elvis Costello’s “Best of…”