In the St. Nick of Time!

The regional versions of Best Road Trip Ever has hit the iTunes store!  Distract your-elves on the way to Gramma’s house (sorry, had to…)

“Best Road Trip – Midwest”

Join the open road through America’s breadbasket. From the Land of Oz to the Land of Lakes, the Midwest offers more folk art environments than any other region. Great pies! A good chunk of Route 66!

“Best Road Trip – South”

Travel through the hot and steamy region where all of the states end in vowels (except one)…Looking for castles? Got ‘em. Meat and 3’s?  Check. Self-taught art? The area is packed.

“Best Road Trip – West”

Wander through some of the most and least populated states in the country, (and one that you can’t reach by car from the mainland).

“Best Road Trip – Northeast”

Nosh your way along the highways and byways along the eastern seaboard. Here you will find more classic dining cars than anywhere else, along with tons of “world’s largest” things.

“Best Road Trip – Southwest”

Drive the long, dusty stretch of Route 66, through the Grand Canyon and a wild range of topographic changes. Or visit Texas and find all of those great BBQ joints that they are always raving about.